Book Review: The Taming of the Queen

It’s a while since I last read a Philippa Gregory, but The Taming of the Queen came up as a Kindle de61ouvigqqnl-_sy344_bo1204203200_al last week, and it seemed too good an opportunity to miss. I’m reading loads at the moment – partly because Nick’s working such long hours – and I feel like I’m really racing through books. I know I’ve got a lot reviews to add.

Anyway, as a result, I bought and read the book fairly quickly, rather than adding it to a lengthy virtual stack of kindle reading. I loved it. Look, I don’t want to pretend that Gregory is highbrow, hard going reading, but she writes incredibly well, and this book, like so many of her others, was unputdownable. I raced through it.

I was particularly interested as it focuses on Henry VIII’s last Queen, Katherine (or Kateryn) Parr, someone who I do not know much about. She, of course, was the Queen who survived. She turned out to be an absolutely fascinating character, who, according to Gregory’s retelling at least, was a key driver in the reformation of the Church, in restoring the Tudor princesses to their place, and in creating the idea that a woman could be regent – and therefore laying the scene for Mary and Elizabeth to rule.

Gregory really succeeds in bringing the period to life, and Kateryn comes off as a very sympathetic character. I also found her focus on the Church and her writing fascinating. I came away feeling more educated about this particular Tudor Queen.

In short, a book that I’d highly recommend. You know what you are getting with Philippa Gregory, and this is a great example of her writing.



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