A weekend of cooking

This weekend involved quite a lot of cooking, although we managed to fit in dinner at one of the Congolese restaurants in Brussels – curry goat and plantains – and lots of lovely cheese from the market as well.

Friday night we had N’s manager and husband over for dinner. As she is Jewish and he converted, we thought it would be fun to make a traditional Friday night dinner. I went to the butcher and bought liver to make chopped liver to go with egg mayonnaise and a challah provided by mum. Then I marinated a whole chicken in a spicy mix and roasted it to go with roast sweet and normal potatoes, mashed squash, and creamed leeks. Followed by crumble, it was a relatively traditional Jewish meal – heavy but tasty!

Sunday night we made our favourite ‘Obama’ soup – a Mexican soup, which apparently Obama is particularly fond of. It’s relatively simple, really. In one pan you make effectively a spicy tomato sauce – onion, garlic, chilli, fresh or tinned toms (we’ve used either and both) and then blend if you want. You can also add sweet corn, black beans, and chorizo to that if you want. In another pan, you boil cubed chicken in stock, and when cooked, you add it all together and season. The fun is really in the eating. Put on the table tortilla chips, cubed feta, spring onion, cubed avocado, sour cream and lime wedges. Make up your bowl with the tortilla chips, feta, avo and onion, then add the soup mix. Top with sour cream and a squeeze of lime!


Tonight I’m back in London on my own and decided to make something inspired by Joanne’s blog, which I have long been a fan of. When I wrote my own recipe blog, I looked at hers a lot. Joanne makes her thai green curry into burritos, but I decided to stay slightly more traditional. I followed her directions on roasting the tofu – really good – and the coriander rice, which was excellent, but kept my curry a little more wet and ate it in a bowl. But it was great. Now I need to think of more things to do with tofu to use up the leftovers!image


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