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Failing to debate

On Wednesday I popped in and out of the YBF Rally in the House of Commons (I couldn’t stay all day as I was at work). I tweeted about it, as usual, although there was very little Twitter interaction, which … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on cigarettes

Anyone who knows me well will know that I’m firmly anti-smoking. This is largely based on 2 things: 1. my grandmother died of lung cancer, caused by smoking, when she was 63 and I was 12; 2. I hate the … Continue reading

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I have migrated to WordPress because LJ didn’t give me much functionality. Will attempt to keep blogging her…

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Blogging & anti-Semitism

I don’t do this often, but hopefully here’s the start of a little more blogging.  (I should also note, as I work for an MP, that these views are entirely my own & not those of my boss). Jonathan Freedland has today … Continue reading

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